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SPARTAN Football Academy

On August 10th the Fairfax County Youth Football League (FCYFL), the league that governs our program, decided to cancel the 2020 Tackle football season.  Despite their decision, FCYFL encouraged each club to provide alternate football-like activities.  We intend to do just that via the Spartan Football Academy.  Our goal is to use this modified season to teach and fine tune the fundamentals of football with organized drills and practices.  We also want to get your children out of your house and on to a football field playing the game they love and enjoy.  It will look a little different this year but it will be flexible, relaxed and most of all fun.  As many of you know, football is more than just a sport.  It promotes teamwork, discipline and a strong work ethic that will help develop your children into well-rounded adults.

In order to achieve this we will run the Spartan Football Academy in the following manner:

   - To mitigate risks of COVID-19 we will abide by the strict protocol as described by the CDC, State of Virginia and Fairfax County.

   - Weekly practices focusing on skills such as blocking, passing, catching, running, speed, agility, and the basics of football. 

   - Practices will be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6-7:30pm starting September 9, 2020.

   - We will have specialized clinics to be announced later on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

   - Practices will be held at Lewinsville Park Turf Field #3.

   - By October 2020, we will divide into teams and will have our version of "Friday Night Lights"  at the field in either a 7 on 7 or 9 on 9 football games.  WE WILL NOT TACKLE. 

   - We will try to find 1 or 2 other clubs and host a game or two with them. 

The cost for the entire program will be $199.00 which will include gear, shirts and uniforms for each player.

Many families did sign up during the pre-registration period.  However, we need everyone to go back in and register for the Spartan Football Academy in order to be fully enrolled.  Please click on "Register Now" on the right side of the page.

We look forward to a great season of fundamentals and keeping the football spirit alive!

Stay safe, healthy and thank you for your continued support. 




Mclean-Great Falls Football  #GO SPARTANS


Welcome to Spartans Football-

McLean-Great Falls Football Association (MGFF) is a youth football program serving the Mclean- Great Falls area.  Our program is known as the Spartans.  We are 100% volunteer organization.  USA Football, the national governing body for amateur American football in the United States, certifies our coaches, who have passed a comprehensive background investigation. 

We strongly believe that football is more than just a sport.  Football teaches our youth some tremendous life skills they carry with them long after they've hung-up their cleats.  Not only does youth football provide both mental and physical benefits, it promotes team work, discipline and a strong work ethic that will help shape our children into well-rounded adults.  Football is a team sport that teaches responsibility, handling success and failures and more importantly builds character.  

Building friendships with teammates in youth football is something very special indeed.  There are 11 leaders on every football field.  When everyone works together towards one common goal, it brings those kids closer together. Friendships that are forged on the field of play can be strong and last a lifetime. The camaraderie learned through football is invaluable to building relationships later in life.

Youth football begins to lay the foundation of a strong work ethic for kids that will help them win and lose throughout their lives.  Youth football gives kids the skills to win football games, but those skills are easily translated into life skills down the road. The struggles, challenges, victories and defeats are all characteristics of football and life. Learning these lessons on the field of a youth football league is great for building resilient and well-rounded kids.

To learn more about our Spartan Family, please email our Board at mgffboard@gmail.com.



Field Status
George C. Marshall HS - Falls Church OPEN (10/31) 
Lewinsville Park 3 (LP3) - McLean OPEN (10/31) 
Lewinsville Park 4 (LP4) - McLean OPEN (10/31) 
St Johns Catholic Church - McLean OPEN (10/31) 
Upcoming Games