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8.9. FCYFL Player Participation Rule

8.9.1. All eligible Players shall participate in each game of the season except in the case of injury or absence.

8.9.2. The player participation policy of the American Conference is that each player shall participate in every game for a significant portion of the total game time. Although a specific number of plays or time requirements are not specified in this conference, it is the spirit and intent of the League that all Players participate fully. Teams participating in this Conference shall not select players that will not play a significant portion of each game.

8.9.3. The player participation policy of the Central and National Conferences as well as the Anklebiter Group is that each player shall play the entire game, either on offense or defense, except in case of an injury or sickness. The purpose of this rule is to allow every participant to play the entire game. The basics of the rule are:

a) The maximum number of players per team is 22.

b) Should a team (other than Anklebiter) apply for a waiver on roster size, they will automatically be placed in the American Conference.

c) The offensive team may choose to play 12 players while running their offense, using the 11th and 12th players to shuttle plays into the huddle. Only two players may be used to shuttle offensive plays, each player alternating on subsequent downs. If a coach chooses to use this method, then those players used to shuttle plays must also play defense and cannot be substituted unless injured or sick.

d) At the change of any possession, all players on the sideline must enter the game.

8.9.4. Full compliance with the participation rule is mandatory. Coaches found guilty by the Rules Committee for not complying with this policy will be disciplined. Specific sanctions may include fines, forfeiture of games, suspension of coaches, exclusion from League post season competition, and expulsion from the League by the Board. Complaints shall be filed in writing through the Club Commissioner to the League.