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Tackle Football Registration

Frequently Asked Questions


If you can't find the answer you are looking for here, contact mgffboard@gmail.com.


Who can sign up?


Athletes ages 7-16.


What is FCYFL?


FCYFL is the Fairfax County Youth Football League.  It is the umbrella organization that coordinates the play between the 22 individual youth football organizations within Fairfax County.  They provide the rules, the schedules and the officials for the more than 200 teams and 6,000 players.  For more information see FCYFL website


What is the time commitment?

Compared to other youth sports, football is a big time commitment.  Practices are 5 days a week before school starts, dropping to 3 days per week after school starts.  Games schedules are determined by the FCYFL.

Do I have to start playing at 7?

No,  we have many new players at each weight class every year.

What if I have scheduled a vacation during practice time?

Go and enjoy yourself.  Football will still be here when you get back.

With that said, if you have any flexibility, please try to schedule around the football season, especially in August.  

Can Girls Play?

Yes, we have had several girls play nearly every season.


Where do I go to sign up?

Visit our website at www.mcleanfootball.org to get started. For the 2019 season, we expect to open registration around in early April.

How late can I sign up?

It is best to register early so that coaches can begin to build combine drills and schedules.  Depending on circumstances, registration could close in any given weight class some time between early and late August. 

Does a Doctor have to sign my Medical Release Form?

All medical release information is provided during online registration. Please list all pertinent medical information in your registration.

Do I need a physical?



What kind of cleats do I need?

FCYFL rules require that our players wear football cleats that are designed for youth football.  They must be either a molded cleat or internally threaded shoes where no post is extending from the shoe (instead, the cleat post--screws internally into the shoe).  Maximum size of cleat is 1/2 inch (measured from tip of cleat to base of shoe).  No all metal, primarily metal, or metal tipped cleats may be worn.

My helmet hurts -- can I get a different one?

It is very common for your helmet to feel uncomfortable and even hurt your head for the first couple of weeks.  Helmets must fit tightly to ensure a correct fit.  Our equipment director and coaches take the necessary time to make sure that each helmet is fitted properly.  We recommend that once you get your equipment, that you wear your helmet before practice in order to break it in and get used to how it feels.  When you put it on, remember to pull it all the way down, hard.  If you continue to have discomfort, please let your coach know and they will adjust the fit of your helmet.

What if there is a problem with my equipment?

Many problems can be corrected using the tools and supplies that each team has, so contact your coach for assistance. If they cannot resolve the issue, then they will arrange to get you a replacement.

When and where do I get my equipment?

We will hand out equipment before the season starts at our equipment space that has generously donated to us by the Georgelas family. The facility is located at 1524 Springhill Road, Suite KK-1.  

Other than cleats and practice pants, all other equipment is provided by the club, though you will be responsible for retunring it.


Do I have to try out? 

No, everyone who signs up and meets the eligibility requirements can play.  


How are the teams divided?

If we have more than one team in a weight class, kids will be divided into multiple teams according to ability. In some cases, especially at the anklebiter level, the coaches will hold a draft to divide teams equally.

Can I request to be placed on a team with a friend?

Talk to the coaches, and if possible we will try to accommodate. But we can't guarantee that. 


When do practices start?  

Early August.

How long are practices?  

Most practices are 2 hours long from 6-8 during the month of August. Subject to change after school starts.

How many practices are there per week?  

Generally, each team will practice 5 days a week in August.  However, the league and our coaches understands that August is also family vacationt month which may require some players to be absent.  In General, coaches are flexible.  After the start of school, each team will practice 3 days a week. Game day is not considered practice time.


How long are the games?  

Games are usually played in 90-minute slots. Coaches usually want their players there to warm up 30 minutes to an hour before game time, so count on spending 3 hours at a game.

How many games are there?  

Usually there are seven games in the regular season, running through the end of October. Roughly half the teams make the playoffs, and championships are wrapped up by mid-November. 

Where are games played?  

Our home games are at Marshall High School -- thanks Statesmen!  Away games are played throughout northern Virginia, from Gainesville to Alexandria.

How much will I get to play?  

FCYFL has player participation rules that require all kids start on either offense or defense at most levels. At the highest level, the American conference, there is no such rule but there is an expectation that all kids will receive significant playing time. 

What position will I play?  

Probably several. Please understand that we can't have 11 quarterbacks on the field, though.

Coaches and Board Members:

Are Coaches and Board Members paid?  



Who can be a Head Coach or Assistant Coach?  

Anyone with the ability to put in the time commitment. All coaches must register and be certified by USA Football. We take player safety seriously and promote Heads Up Football. All coaches also undergo a background check.