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Concussion baseline testing is recommended for all athletes engaged in sporting activities. Although your child may not experience a concussion, it is important to prepare and obtain a baseline to establish athlete-specific data which allows physicians to better manage concussion if it does occur. To further explain, each athlete is different in terms of their cognitive and vestibular/ocular-motor functioning prior to injury, so it makes it easier following concussion for the treating physician to have athlete-specific data to compare to. Generally, it is recommended that a concussion baseline be established prior to the season but baseline testing can be completed at any point during the season.


The Spartans program has affiliated with INOVA Sports Medicine in order to provide access to a comprehensive set of resources that assist with concussion management, treatment, and education.

Together with the Inova Sports Medicine Concussion Program (INOVA), McLean-Great Falls Football will improve the management of concussions with a comprehensive approach to:
 Education
 Baseline Concussion Testing
 Injury Recognition
 Post-Injury Management
 Vestibular Therapy
 Exertional Therapy
 Return-to-Play/Learn Strategies


Concussion baseline testing can be done through INOVA Sports Medicine and all information can be found here - 



This list is not all encompassing but provides some options in the area.


The baseline test for 5-9 year olds typically takes about 15-20 minutes and is done primarily on a tablet.  The test for ages 10+ takes a bit longer.

The cost for a baseline test is $30.